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You know that your “career obituary” isn’t bringing in the job offers—but how should you translate your professional history in a way that entices hiring managers? We take a deep dive into your professional history, skills, and experience to draw out the best highlights for your document, crafting a CV/résumé that exudes both professionalism and style. Your CV/ résumé won’t look the same when we’re done with it—and that’s a good thing!

Writing about ourselves can be one of the hardest things to do. Doing so within the constraints of a formal cover letter can be overwhelming. With a staff full of experienced, skilled writing professionals, you can trust we are able to tell your story and show how perfect you are for the role you seek. We highlight your accomplishments and ensure your cover letter is one the hiring managers actually want to read.

Is your LinkedIn profile working for you? Or, did you “set it and forget it”? If you don’t have recruiters reaching out to you, daily connection requests, and colleagues attesting to your skills, chances are, it’s not working as it should be. We establish a cohesive branding message throughout your profile, integrating targeted keywords and achievements-driven job descriptions to elevate your profile and ensure recruiter messages fill your inbox.




While it can be tempting to include all of your career achievements, motivating factors, and personal details within your résumé or cover letter, one of the most powerful marketing tools outside of your CV/résumé is a professional biography. A requirement for any accomplished senior-level professional or executive-level professional, a biography allows for a deeper analysis of who you are.
Critical for a lasting, positive expression, thank you letters are still a professional courtesy that are necessary after an interview. Many companies receive several hundred applications for one position. Ensure that your application stands out from all the rest with a customized thank you letter. An e-note is a shortened e-mail response that can be send post-interview, and is another way to ensure that you are remembered as the classy professional that you are.
Get the ultimate personal branding and online presence that you deserve with our personal website development service, and look more professional.
It incorporates: a Home Section, About Section, Work/Experience Section, Skills Section, Clients Section, and Contact Section


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