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Premium Membership

Gives you unlimited access to local & international jobs, tenders, grants, scholarships and online courses

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Premium (3Months Subscription)

MK 9,000
  • USD: 14$
every 3 months

Premium (6 Months Subscription)

MK 12,500
  • USD: 20$
every 6 months

Premium (Annual Subscription)

MK 19,200
  • USD: 30$
/ year

Professional Membership

Gives you unlimited access to local & international jobs, and scholarships

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Gives you unlimited access to local & international jobs only

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Starter (6 Months Subscription)

MK 5,500
  • USD: 9$
every 6 months

Starter (Annual Subscription)

MK 7,000
  • USD: 11$
/ year

Starter: Lifetime Subscription

MK 25,000
  • USD: 39$


Please make an offline payment for your preferred subscription plan to access the content. Refer to the payment details below:

1. Airtel Money

SEND TO 0997-356-419

2. TNM Mpamba

SEND TO 0881-044-484

3. National Bank of Malawi

Image result for national bank of malawi logo
ACC. NO – 100-621-3126

4. Online Payments

Paypal, Visa, Mastercard

PAYMENT CAN ALSO BE MADE VIA PAYPAL, VISA, TNM KHADI MBAMBANDE & OTHER CARDS. In order to do an online payment you would have to switch the display currency button to USD (US Dollar). Use the button on top of the page to switch to USD.


Once payment has been made, please email the receipt to or send via WhatsApp to 0997 356 419. You will receive an email confirming activation.